Workflow Software

Workflow Software

Paper and digital documents are the vehicles by which information flows through most business processes. When you streamline the flow of information through your business you can increase profits, improve competitive advantage, enhance customer service and even reduce your risk. Look to The OTG for a full portfolio of workflow software solutions that help information move seamlessly between paper and digital formats, which also improves productivity.

The Office Technology Group will work with you to create a customized IT solution while staying within your budget. Some of our business IT services in Milwaukee include increased network security, data and backup recovery, cloud computing, email encryption, desktop management, network and server management, firewall management, IT consulting, IT strategy planning, server backups, desktop encryption, virtual CIO and more. Your clients are your number one priority, and we know your time is extremely valuable. With assistance from The Office Technology Group, you will never have to worry about downtime so every second can be devoted to helping your clients and growing your business.



Document Management

Find the information you need in seconds with an Electronic Document Management system that creates a searchable repository for all your paper and digital information.


Document Capture

Bridging the gap between paper and digital documents is no longer a challenge, thanks to workflow Document Capture technologies that convert scanned text to editable text. 


Electronic Forms

Eliminate pre-printed forms while automating your workflow with Electronic Forms technology.


Rules-Based Printing

Reduce print costs by automatically routing large print jobs to lower-cost printers while also enforcing print usage quotas.


Mobile Printing

Make it easy for users to print from their smart phones and tablets with Mobile Printing solutions. 


Print Cost Recovery

Assign print costs to departments or clients with Print Cost Recovery solutions that integrate with your accounting systems or ID cards.