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Lesser Known Benefits of MPS and How to Harness Them

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In the business world, there is constant chatter about cutting costs and increasing productivity. Companies are always looking for innovative solutions to age-old problems. Here, we talk a lot about the benefits of managed print services and how they can solve some of those ongoing issues.

You probably already know that the cost-savings are the most significant benefit of MPS, but let’s look at some of the lesser-known benefits of MPS and how can they help your business move ahead of the pack.

Get a Competitive Edge with MPS

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Running a business is hard work. There are thousands of things to take care of. And managing all the component of your print infrastructure, including devices, equipment, supplies, and software, can be confusing and time-consuming. The good news is that with managed print services you can streamline your entire print environment, making running your business that much easier.

The Assessment

The most crucial first step of MPS is the assessment. You cannot make strides toward improvement unless you know where you are starting from. The reality is that most businesses don’t really know how much money they are spending on print. A managed print assessment will evaluate your print costs, audit all of your devices, and look for ways to optimize workflows. The print assessment will help build the framework for the overall solution.

Gain More Control with Managed Print Services

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Managed print services providers understand how business processes work, and their print-related workflow expertise can help your company lower costs and increase efficiency.

Managed Print Services Benefits

You won't be giving up control by outsourcing print management to a managed print services company. You'll have more control over your printer fleet, your workflows, and the associated costs than ever before.

Here's a look at how managed print services bring order and efficiency to print infrastructures.

How Managed Print Services Deliver Immediate Savings

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Managed Print Services is among the few offerings where businesses can see immediate savings. With printing costs often as high as 3% of annual company revenues, reducing print-related waste should be a top priority. Here's how Managed Print Services companies stop the waste and deliver immediate, measurable savings.

You may have too much equipment.

It's likely you've got some equipment that's not doing your bottom line any favors. Your Managed Print Services provider knows how to spot under-performing equipment that's costing too much to operate. By eliminating these devices, you'll immediately begin saving money and seeing productivity improvements.

Try Managed Print Services for a Decision-Free Print Environment

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Deciding when to replace an aging copier or printer is more complicated than it seems. Is the device breaking down and interfering with your workflows? Does it cost you too much to repair? Is it difficult to find replacement parts? Does it have the robust security features required to address the latest threats? Is it part of a Managed Print Services agreement?

You would be in good hands if you answered in the affirmative to that last question. The decision whether to replace or continue repairing your multifunction system or network printer will be made by someone with the expertise to make the right choice. And that's not the only decision they can make for you.

Don't Miss These Managed Print Services Benefits for Your SMB

Managed Print Services

SMBs often are not in a good position to absorb the cost overruns caused by unmanaged print environments. The majority of small companies still depend upon paper documents for daily business tasks, but with no oversight of print infrastructures, printing can account for 1% to 3% of annual profits.

For help, SMBs can look to Managed Print Services and their line-up of cost-saving and productivity-boosting solutions.

Automate Your Meter Reads with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Did you hire an administrative assistant or another office professional to gather meter reads from your printers and multifunction systems each month? The task likely wasn't in the job description, but someone is putting time and energy into this task, manually extracting data from your fleet whenever it's required. If you haven't wondered whether there's a better solution, the employee assigned to the task has no doubt given it some thought.

Automate with Managed Print Services

One of the most compelling benefits of Managed Print Services is automation, eliminating the need for continuous intervention from your employees. In the case of meter reads, the time-saving benefits are substantial. Here's a look at the advantages.

Managed Print Services—A Calmer Approach to Print Management

Managed Print Services

If you've ever missed (or mismanaged) a software update for your printers, then you know how one mistake can cause a ripple effect that takes over your entire day. In the worst cases, a badly timed or poorly implemented software update can have a negative impact on company-wide print-related workflows. Unfortunately, updating software for any device, from your multifunction system to your laptop, isn't always a seamless transition.

Which One Are You?

A popup or email letting you know that an update is available shouldn't be ignored, but downloading updates in the middle of a busy workday isn't always the best approach. The problem with waiting until later is that it's easy to move onto something else and completely forget to follow through. Which approach do you take when your printers need a software update?

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