Energize Your Marketing Strategy with Digital Signage

Digital Signage

You're not wrong if you've noticed an uptick in the popularity of digital signage. With worldwide industry growth at nearly $16 billion, even SMBs are rethinking their approach to marketing. Here's why your company may want to look into the digital signage trend and latch onto some new and exciting opportunities to reach out to your customers.

Don't get left behind.

Digital signage isn't just for the rich and famous anymore, and everyone from the local deli to the high school athletic program can benefit from its impact. There's no need to worry that digital signage is too unwieldy for your venue—lightweight and thin, the hardware is simple to mount in almost any location for a variety of purposes.

Fine-Tuning Your Disaster Recovery Plan with Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

All disasters have one thing in common—they disrupt, destroy, and bring everyday activities to a grinding halt. For your business, this means that your physical assets may be inaccessible, including your buildings, computers, imaging equipment, and documents. In the worst cases, these assets may be destroyed. Here are three steps your company can make sure your disaster recovery plan is up to date and relevant for today's digital economy.

Laser or Multifunction Printer? What's the Difference?


Does your office need a multifunction printer or a single-function laser printer? Not sure of the differences? Let's take a look at the similarities and how each device can meet critical needs for your workgroups.

The Laser Printer

A laser printer performs hassle-free basic printing functions quickly and reliably. Options abound, and there's a laser printer with the speed and volume requirements to meet every need.

Improve Classroom Learning with a Sharp Aquos Board

People looking at a Sharp Aquos Board

No one knows better than a classroom teacher how quickly students can lose interest during a presentation. The traditional lecture method of presenting information works well for some students, but others have trouble focusing and have difficulty keeping their minds on the subject matter. If you've been relying on old-school tools like whiteboards and flipcharts, a Sharp Aquos Board can take your lectures in an exciting new direction. Here's an overview of the benefits a Sharp Aquos Board can bring to your classroom.

Big screen presentations

You know there are exciting online tools available to engage your students' attention in new ways, but a computer screen is just too small. The Sharp Aquos White Board combines the versatility of a computer touchscreen with the wow factor of an HD TV screen for presentations that are hard to ignore.

Increase Traffic and Sales with Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Has your retail company discovered the power of digital signage? Ready to go beyond paper posters and vinyl banners? Read on to find out the compelling advantages of digital signage.

Increase traffic

Do you need a new way to drive customers into the store? Digital signage is still the new kid on the block, and while customers may walk right past a full-color poster, a digital display will catch their interest. Screens have become a part of everyday life, and it's their ability to attract and hold our attention that makes them so popular. With digital signage, your retail locations will benefit from an on-trend tool proven to draw a crowd.

Is It Time for a Switch to Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services

Chances are good you didn't start a business to spend hours every week on IT responsibilities, and anything that takes you away from core business objectives can be a distraction. Rather than tying up your time trying to stay ahead of software updates and network issues, try letting managed IT services providers take over IT responsibilities instead. Here are three questions to ask to evaluate your situation.

1. Are you keeping up with compliance regulations?

No matter what industry you're in, you have a responsibility to protect the confidential information that flows through your business. From private health data to HR records and customer names and addresses, regulations govern how you handle protected information. Managed IT services can make sure your network is up to date and protected from malicious attacks.

MFP Tips: What to Know About Page Yield


There's a lot to learn about your MFP, but one of the most important things to know is your current page yield. This can be a complicated subject, but it makes a big difference to your efficiency and budget, so sit back, relax, and get ready for a crash-course in page yields.

The Basics

"Page yield" refers to the number of pages you can print before your ink or toner cartridge runs out. It's a helpful unit of measurement because it can help you gain insight into your print habits, your budget needs, and the efficiency of your multifunction printer--but there's more to know before you can put your MFP to work for you.

3 Technology Resolutions for 2018

Man writing on a chart

As you know, a lot can change in a year, and it’s no different with technology. But is your tech ready to power you through another year? Are you falling behind your competition thanks to out of date technology? Do you feel prepared to take on the uncertainty 2018 could bring? It’s a lot to think about, but before you start stressing, here are a few tips on how you can ring in the New Year with confidence: Reach Out for New Opportunities Cloud computing is more than just a trendy buzzword, it’s the new normal for creating new opportunities such as:

MSPs Lead Businesses through the SaaS Maze

Computer maze

Countless businesses trust Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deploy, manage and support infrastructure solutions both in the cloud and on-premise. The reason is simple. They are the best at eliminating downtime and providing superb user support. Savvy businesses also recognize the value engaging their MSP in the search and support for the right applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for their business. Forrester Research says that IT partners aren’t just critical for the successful deployment of SaaS products, but the management aspect is a real value-add. SaaS is software running on remote hardware that is owned, managed and delivered via the Internet on a pay-for-use or subscription basis. Without purchasing hardware or software, businesses just connect to the cloud. Deployment takes as little as a day. Fixes and new features are regularly implemented. It does away with obsolescence. There’s also Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee availability.

Streamline Your Business Processes with Document Management

Two street signs. One saying lost, the other saying found.

Any business that uses paper or electronic filing systems can benefit from document management. A quick tour of your offices will reveal how replacing bulky and overflowing paper filing systems with click-of-the-mouse document retrieval could revolutionize your day-to-day operations. Let's have a look at some of the advantages.
What Can Document Management Do For Your Organization? Implementing new office technology can keep even the bravest among us up all night. Not to worry. Document management with The OTG will make life easier, streamlining your paper chase into an easy-to-use retrieval system your team will appreciate. Here's how:


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