Rule-Based Printing

Person retrieving documents from a copier

You may have all kinds of great ideas about how to control printing costs, but if you can't enforce these rules, your print costs will continue to grow. Rule-based printing technology gives you complete control over your printing environment.  It allows you to create and automatically enforce rules that reduce your costs and environmental impact.

Send Large Jobs to High-Volume Devices

Large, high-volume printers typically have a lower cost-per-page to operate than smaller desktop printers. You could set up a rule that if the job is more than 20 pages it will automatically get routed to the departmental multifunction system. The user would receive a notification that their job had been sent to the departmental device.

Set Printing Quotas

Make sure users and departments stay within pre-set budgets by setting printing quotas. This can be used to restrict a user to a certain number of pages per month.

Monitor Print Usage

See the effectiveness of your print rules and find new areas to save money by monitoring print usage. Your rules-based printing software can generate helpful reports that will reveal ways to optimize your printing environment.