Print Support Cost Recovery

Woman calculating costs at a desk.

Are you looking for ways to reduce print support costs and increase revenue? Consider a print cost recovery strategy. This software allows you to assign printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs to clients or departments.

Assign Costs to Departments

Users can be required to enter an ID number when they copy. Their print drivers can also be set to record printed pages to their user numbers. This information can be used to assign printing costs to departments. Charging department managers for document output often leads to awareness of the cost and attempts to reduce usage, saving you money.

Assign Costs to Clients

Services organizations like law firms or accounting firms can generate new revenue streams by assigning printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs to clients. Users simply enter the client's account number when using the printer or multifunction system. This information can be used to create reports. In some cases it can integrate directly into your accounting system.

Create a Print Vending Service

Public areas can benefit from printing and copying services. Machines can be outfitted with coin systems. They can also be integrated with pre-paid printing cards or student ID cards.  This allows you to provide printing and copying while recovering the cost of the equipment.