Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services in Milwaukee and Appleton WI

Managed Print Services

The typical company devotes a vast amount of time and energy into making sure their print services are as efficient as possible. It is important that the flow of information through a company does not waste time or lose productivity. By choosing to manage your print services through The Office Technology Group, you are investing in skilled professionals that specialize in making sure the flow of information through your business is highly efficient, productive, and, most importantly, cost-effective.

Understand Your Print Costs

Many businesses are unaware of the cost associated with poorly managed print services. With as much as 3% of a company’s entire annual revenue devoted to printing, the cost of inefficient processes is far too great to ignore. The cost extends far beyond that of toner and paper when taking into consideration the burden on Information Technology and administration. Managed Print is currently a multi-billion dollar industry and one out of every two devices sold today will be managed under an MPS program. By turning to managed print services from The Office Technology Group, you will not only be able to control the costs of printing, but you will also make processes more effective for your clients and end users.

Managed print service support can mean the difference between posting positive or negative numbers at the end of the quarter. Because information is vital to a business’ survival, it is critical that the information is managed at the highest level.

How Managed Print Service Support Can Reduce Costs:​

  • Reducing or eliminating IT involvement in printer related issues
  • Cutting administrative costs by drastically reducing the number of invoices processed
  • Reducing consumable supply inventory and waste
  • Eliminating expensive trip charges and equipment repairs
  • Consolidating equipment and eliminating unnecessary and expensive devices
  • Employing proper print configurations for each job
  • Including quality supplies
  • Reducing color volume and associated costs
  • Creating a uniform fleet
  • Improving productivity at the office