IT Services for Schools

Children using computers in a school library

Your teachers are striving to create the next generation of learning experiences for their students. Your IT staff is also working hard to make the most of your instructional technology investment. To give your staff the time and resources required to achieve your district’s educational goals, you need an education IT infrastructure that runs seamlessly. The Office Technology Group knows how to evaluate your educational organization needs and keep you at the head of the class. Since 1991, The Office Technology Group has been helping school districts of all sizes, including public, private and for-profit institutions, meet their primary goals by providing a solid technology foundation. We offer Managed Services that overcome obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals by connecting users through collaborative information and knowledge-sharing networks while monitoring systems around the clock to reduce downtime and costs. Educational institutions, from pre-K to university research facilities, are driven to build cost-effective school IT infrastructures and remote accessibility on tight or shrinking budgets. The Office Technology Group provides cloud solutions and IT services for schools that deliver efficiency and optimization, meet security and privacy concerns, make school applications and resources more accessible to students via mobile devices, and keep valuable information and data safe.


  • Customized
    • We create teacher IT and educational strategies based on your unique needs and goals.
  • Affordable
    • Our consultants can craft solutions to fit any budget.
  • Convenient
    • Our user-friendly IT services for schools are implemented around your schedule, not ours.
  • Advanced
    • Modernize your organization and give your faculty and students the technology they need to excel
  • Rapid Deployment 
    • Educational institutions must deploy applications and deliver student services at a rapidly accelerating rate.
  • Meet Department Demands
    • Educational institutions must provide effective strategy, support and standardization to efficiently meet the demands of the many departments, schools and organizations that IT supports as part of their community.
  • Differentiation
    • Educational institutions must compete with others, differentiating themselves in the market based on the services they offer to students.
  • Meeting Needs
    • Educational institutions must scale to meet expanding needs, often without a proportionate increase in budget for hardware, software and personnel.
  • Reduce Cost
    • Educational institutions must reduce CapEx and OpEx costs, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.
  • IT Data Demands 
    • Educational institutions must manage the day-to-day demands of the data center, while enabling an innovative, technologically-advanced environment for faculty and students.