Electronic Document Forms Technology

Electronic Form concept

Paper documents like invoices, bills of lading and packing slips are form-based documents that transport information throughout critical business processes. Virtually every business has paper forms. While paper is handy, it also has limitations.

Enjoy the best of both the paper and digital worlds with electronic form technology. You get the familiarity and convenience of paper business documents, but you also get the automation, security and access to information of digital documents. Electronic forms technology makes this possible without changing any of the computer systems that create your business documents.

Replace Pre-Printed Forms

Electronic document forms software eliminates the need for pre-printed forms. Data from your accounting or ERP systems is overlaid with all of your form information: boxes, logos and helpful text. Text or numbers can be converted to barcodes on your documents making it easy to scan them into your document management system later. Even better, you can reformat the layout of the information to make the form more readable. You get full control over your electronic records and form layout without having to re-program your accounting or ERP systems.

Streamline Workflow

When forms are printed, electronic forms technology can do more than just send them to a printer. Electronic records and documents can be simultaneously sent to multiple printers, routed to email addresses and stored as PDFs in your document management system. This gives you tremendous control over how documents flow through your business processes.

Digital Signature Capture

Your documents can be presented on tablets in order to capture digital signatures. Documents like order confirmations can be printed from your accounting or ERP system directly to a server. They can then be pulled up on a tablet where a signature can be captured. The signed document can then be stored in your document management system.