Document Capture

Document capture concept

What slows down business processes and creates the most opportunity for errors? Data entry. Typing data from paper documents into computer systems is slow. It also introduces opportunity for errors, leading to even more time and frustration. Document Capture technology offers the ability to automatically read information off of scanned documents. Simply scan in a stack of documents and let the capture software do the work of extracting important data. Not only is it much faster than typing in data, it also reduces errors within document services. Information can be input into your existing accounting or CRM systems. It can also be used to index and store the document in your document management system.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies convert scanned text to editable text. This technology works best with typewritten text. However, recent advances also allow for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) that can read hand-written text. This technology enables information to be extracted from scanned documents.

Zone OCR

Zone OCR allows text to be read from specific areas of a page. For example, if you are scanning in copies of your shipping tickets, the customer number may always be in the same place in the top right of the page. Document capture software can be trained to look for the customer number in the top right of the page. Once captured, this data could be used to identify the record in your accounting software and to index the document in your document management system.

Barcode Recognition

Capture software can recognize barcodes. This is a highly-accurate way to read information from documents. Don't have barcodes on your business documents? Not a problem. Our electronic forms technology makes it easy to add barcodes to your documents.

Intelligent Capture

Sometimes you need to capture data from documents that don't look the same. We call this "unstructured data". For example, you may have a stack of invoices from vendors that all look different. Intelligent capture software can automatically extract data from these documents even if they are different.