Digital Signage

Digital Signage in Milwaukee and Appleton WI

Digital Signage

Things change quickly in today's world. That's why digital professional display services are being adopted by businesses of all kinds. Whether you are presenting a restaurant menu, showcasing a product in your retail store or providing information to visitors in the lobby of your company, digital displays give you the potential to share your message.

You can look to The OTG for a full, professional display portfolio of large Sharp LCD commercial displays. These devices are built to be deployed in commercial applications. Thin and lightweight, they are easy to mount and the PN series offers the choice of portrait and landscape installation to suit a variety of content and applications. Available in a range of sizes from 42" to 80" class, Sharp displays are ideal for a variety of applications including video conferencing, digital signage, CAD/simulation, corporate, government/education, sports arenas and houses of worship.  More»

You also need to manage your professional displays, and we can help you select and implement the right software to keep your displays updated. We can also introduce you to graphic design services to help you create a professional image.  More»

Getting displays installed in a commercial location comes with some challenges. Our team is experienced in connecting displays to computers and networks, giving you central control over the devices. We also bring expertise in mounting and wiring these devices.  More»