Online Backup & Recovery

Online Backup

Online Backup & Recovery

  • Available on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX machines
  • Continually protects desktops, laptops, servers and more
  • Data recovery is driven by the end user or administrator
  • Fast, network-speed recovery times using the latest recovery-as-a-service technology
  • Can restore whole volume or specific files, emails or folders
  • Brick-level restores of Microsoft Exchange
  • Advanced Microsoft SQL Server IT support
  • Custom scheduling
  • Custom point-in-time restore interval for tight recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Backs up opened files
  • Backs up Active Directory

Data Recovery

  • Can perform offsite, remote backups according to an automated schedule
  • Eliminates the hassle of tape archives
  • Protection from fire, theft, sabotage and natural disasters
  • Data encrypted at a leading datacenter in North America or Europe
  • Fully replicated appliance sent overnight in the event of site failure
  • Tight recovery point objectives (RPOs) met through custom point-in-time restore interval

Business Continuity

  • Configurable frequency of disk image versioning
  • Can save critical time by creating complete server or desktop disk images to restore to different hardware
  • Fail back to the replacement server