Colocation Solutions

Person using a proximity card to open a door

Rather than building and maintaining your own data center to housing servers, storage, and networking equipment, consider placing them in The Office Technology Group's Server Colocation Datacenter. You’ll get a reliable, secure environment for critical business systems, with maximum uptime and reduced operational exposure. At the same time, you’ll keep a lid on expenses by sharing the costs of space, power, and connectivity with other firms.

  • Physical Security
  • Network Security
  • Fire Suppression
  • Uninterruptable Power
  • Redundant/Backup Internet Connection
  • Redundant cooling
  • Uninterruptible power
  • 30-day onsite generator backup
  • Redundant backup/Internet connections
  • Dedicated, redundant bandwidth and power
  • Dedicated 20-amp circuit

Businesses are mindful of the need to protect information from intruders, starting with limiting access to the equipment itself. The The Office Technology Group Colocation Datacenter requires visitors to use a proximity card and PIN to enter the building. Then, before going into the datacenter itself, they must use another proximity card and undergo a biometric scan. The server racks are locked and the datacenter is monitored 24/7/365 using video surveillance and motion detectors.

Just as important as physical security is network security. Attacks can come from anywhere, so The Office Technology Group uses the most advanced security systems, software and appliances to protect your colocated infrastructure. Our sophisticated technology, including best-in-class VPN services, protects your servers from unauthorized access.

The third threat is one sometimes overlooked: fire. We have extensive systems throughout the The Office Technology Group Colocation Datacenter to respond quickly to any hint of a problem, with both manual and automated response mechanisms. In addition, the facility is equipped with smoke and heat detection sensors, fire doors and handheld, gas-based fire extinguishers.