The Printer Showdown: Ink Jet vs. Laser

Man with boxing gloves. One says ink jet, the other says laser.

Your business needs a printer. Coming to that decision was the easy part. Now comes the part where you have to decide what options you need and don't need. You certainly don't want to pay a lot for extra options that simply are not needed. Before going out on the world wide web to search for that one perfect printer that will work for everyone in the office, make a list of all the options you need.
Ink Jet Printers Ink jets are by far the most popular printer for both home and business use. They are versatile and have a very low up-front cost. There are also a wide range of mediums available to print on such as photo paper, canvas and even t-shirts.
That being said, ink jet printers are known for being painfully slow and although the actual printer its self is fairly inexpensive, the volume of cartridges will rack up your monthly budget quickly.

EMTEQ Cuts Costs by $2,500 a Month and Frees Up I.T. Staff Time

Picture of a graph, pen, paperclip and magnifying glass

As the director of I.T. for a global company, Josh Moore understands the challenges and frustrations of managing printers. This is especially true in the document-intensive aviation industry. With locations in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Brazil, EMTEQ produces and supplies innovative products for the document-intensive aviation industry. When he came on board with EMTEQ in 2011, Moore recognized that there were opportunities to improve end-user experience while significantly reducing costs. “I look at print as a non-value add to our I.T. department,” commented Moore. “I want my internal I.T. team focused on strategic projects, workflow improvement and overall business improvement, not printers.” Challenges EMTEQ had two different partners supporting our printers and multifunction systems. “One of them was not giving us a lot of response,” remembers Moore. This began to distract Moore’s I.T. team.


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