Improve Company Productivity with Mobile Print Services

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Business leaders may have been reluctant to warm up to the BYOD trend, but mobile device usage is now a part of everyday work processes. By giving employees streamlined access to company document management systems, email, and texting, businesses can reap substantial advantages.

One hurdle that's created a frustrating roadblock for mobile users is a lack of secure printing solutions. Mobile users were sometimes forced to develop workarounds that put company information or even entire networks at risk, leading many of them to abandon printing on the go.

Things Have Changed

Fortunately, companies offering mobile print services have brought new flexibility and security to mobile device users. Here's a look at the benefits mobile print services can bring to your organization.

Digital Signage is Everywhere! Are You on Board?

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It's impossible to miss the recent increase in digital signage. These new marketing tools are everywhere, and the advantages over traditional signage are compelling. Advantages like increased flexibility and the ability to engage customers with new content on a daily basis are making businesses take notice.

Digital Signage Benefits

The most obvious advantage of digital signage is flexibility. If you've ever invested in an expensive static display, you know that the only way to keep content fresh is to start from scratch. Digital signage changes the game, with a one-and-done investment that allows users to update content as often as they like. Workflow solutions that link to document management systems let businesses manage content remotely, and any number of digital signage systems can be connected on the same network.

Can Your Business Afford Downtime?

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If your business is one of the few who've yet to experience network downtime, there's a way to calculate the cost without experiencing it first-hand. First, identify how many employees are currently on your payroll. The next step is to calculate the average hourly wage along with the cost of employee benefits. The first two numbers added together is your estimated hourly cost for downtime, not including expenses incurred for IT professionals to address the issue.

The Managed IT Services Solution

While the numbers above may be unsettling in their own right, you'll also need to consider your reputation and the possibility of lost sales. When customers can't access your website or get immediate help from your service department, they may lose confidence in your ability to follow through on your promises.

Don't Miss These Managed Print Services Benefits for Your SMB

Managed Print Services

SMBs often are not in a good position to absorb the cost overruns caused by unmanaged print environments. The majority of small companies still depend upon paper documents for daily business tasks, but with no oversight of print infrastructures, printing can account for 1% to 3% of annual profits.

For help, SMBs can look to Managed Print Services and their line-up of cost-saving and productivity-boosting solutions.

Mobile Print Services—Don't Leave the Office Without It!

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Does your company need the help of a mobile print services provider? Sometimes we don't know what we need until we take a closer look at the advantages. Here are four benefits that could make a huge difference in productivity and security in your workplace.

1. Your work-from-home and on-the-road employees need a mobile print solution.

Printed documents are still very much a part of day-to-day business processes, and your remote or traveling workers are at a disadvantage without mobile print services. Instead of leaving them to figure things out on their own (and possibly trigger a security incident), provide them with a standardized mobile print solution so they can focus on more critical tasks.

Here's Why So Many Churches Are Excited About Digital Signage

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Over the decades, the process of printing the church bulletin changed right along with the available technology. In the earliest years, a lone church secretary typed announcements using a manual typewriter, dropping them off at a local provider of offset printing. If you lived in a small town and the printer was a friend or even a church member, someone would drop the box of freshly printed bulletins off at the church or parsonage. Who can forget the serene and seasonally appropriate photography featured on the front of each Sunday's bulletin?

Times Have Changed

While the full-color printed church bulletin will always evoke a certain sense of nostalgia, many churches have downsized their bulletin or eliminated it in favor of digital signage. If your church hasn't considered the option, here's an overview of the advantages.

3 Ways Managed IT Services Professionals Correct Security Vulnerabilities

Managed IT Services

With the rise of remote workers and the anytime/anywhere availability of company information, businesses are faced with ongoing security challenges. Success requires a three-pronged approach to security. Here's a look at the problems and how to go about addressing them in combination with a Managed IT Services partnership.

1. People

Your first (or next) security breach is likely to originate with an employee or business partner. Most of these events are unintentional and occur when users either don't understand security requirements or have an unfortunate lapse in judgment. Some solutions include securing the assistance of Managed IT Services professionals, training employees to recognize phishing scams, and using document management restrictions to prevent unauthorized sharing of confidential materials.

Automate Your Meter Reads with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Did you hire an administrative assistant or another office professional to gather meter reads from your printers and multifunction systems each month? The task likely wasn't in the job description, but someone is putting time and energy into this task, manually extracting data from your fleet whenever it's required. If you haven't wondered whether there's a better solution, the employee assigned to the task has no doubt given it some thought.

Automate with Managed Print Services

One of the most compelling benefits of Managed Print Services is automation, eliminating the need for continuous intervention from your employees. In the case of meter reads, the time-saving benefits are substantial. Here's a look at the advantages.

4 Must-Have Solutions from Your Mobile Print Services Provider

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Mobile print services solutions can help businesses address the demanding challenges faced by the ever-changing mobile device landscape. As mobile technology providers continue to offer users more options, business IT departments may face difficulties keeping up with the various platforms used by company employees. The problem becomes even more complicated when employees opt to use their own device for work applications.

Mobile Print Services Solutions

The best mobile print services solutions address multiple issues connected with mobile device usage. Here are four areas of concern focused on by professional mobile print services providers.

Don't Miss Out on the Digital Signage Marketing Trend

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Digital advertising formats continue to become mainstream, and even small businesses are on board. Recognizing the benefits of digital advertising's return on investment and real-time responsiveness, SMBs have learned they can level the playing field with their much larger competitors.

Personalized Advertising

Static advertising displays have their place, but digital signage provides some definite advantages in the commercial market. Here's what to expect as marketing strategies using digital signage continue to grow.


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