Automate Your Meter Reads with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Did you hire an administrative assistant or another office professional to gather meter reads from your printers and multifunction systems each month? The task likely wasn't in the job description, but someone is putting time and energy into this task, manually extracting data from your fleet whenever it's required. If you haven't wondered whether there's a better solution, the employee assigned to the task has no doubt given it some thought.

Automate with Managed Print Services

One of the most compelling benefits of Managed Print Services is automation, eliminating the need for continuous intervention from your employees. In the case of meter reads, the time-saving benefits are substantial. Here's a look at the advantages.

4 Must-Have Solutions from Your Mobile Print Services Provider

mobile devices in use

Mobile print services solutions can help businesses address the demanding challenges faced by the ever-changing mobile device landscape. As mobile technology providers continue to offer users more options, business IT departments may face difficulties keeping up with the various platforms used by company employees. The problem becomes even more complicated when employees opt to use their own device for work applications.

Mobile Print Services Solutions

The best mobile print services solutions address multiple issues connected with mobile device usage. Here are four areas of concern focused on by professional mobile print services providers.

Don't Miss Out on the Digital Signage Marketing Trend

digital signage, crowd of people

Digital advertising formats continue to become mainstream, and even small businesses are on board. Recognizing the benefits of digital advertising's return on investment and real-time responsiveness, SMBs have learned they can level the playing field with their much larger competitors.

Personalized Advertising

Static advertising displays have their place, but digital signage provides some definite advantages in the commercial market. Here's what to expect as marketing strategies using digital signage continue to grow.

Avoid Costly Downtime with Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

In business, downtime is often associated with equipment failures and the resulting inability to continue working. While downtime after work hours is cause for celebration, unplanned downtime at work, in almost any form, is something businesses work hard to avoid. Here's a look at why and how managed IT services help companies to prevent downtime.

The Cost of Downtime

Calculating the cost of downtime isn't a straightforward process, and every business and scenario is different. Most of us think of hardware failure first, and in this situation, the cost of downtime is often more about the information stored on the hardware than the actual physical loss itself. And while replacing equipment can be a devastating hit to the budget, businesses must also calculate the cost of getting back to business as usual. With each hour that passes, the costs get higher.

Managed Print Services—A Calmer Approach to Print Management

Managed Print Services

If you've ever missed (or mismanaged) a software update for your printers, then you know how one mistake can cause a ripple effect that takes over your entire day. In the worst cases, a badly timed or poorly implemented software update can have a negative impact on company-wide print-related workflows. Unfortunately, updating software for any device, from your multifunction system to your laptop, isn't always a seamless transition.

Which One Are You?

A popup or email letting you know that an update is available shouldn't be ignored, but downloading updates in the middle of a busy workday isn't always the best approach. The problem with waiting until later is that it's easy to move onto something else and completely forget to follow through. Which approach do you take when your printers need a software update?

Energize Your Presentations with a Sharp Aquos Board

Sharp Aquos Board

How did your last team meeting go? Was everyone engaged and excited about your contribution? Not so much? Perhaps the problem isn't with your content.

More Exciting Meetings and Presentations

Boring team meetings and yawn-inspiring presentations aren't a workplace or classroom necessity. Maybe it's time to add an element of interest with an innovative Sharp Aquos Board. Here's what modern offices and classroom around the world are discovering with theirs:

Energize Your Marketing Strategy with Digital Signage

Digital Signage

You're not wrong if you've noticed an uptick in the popularity of digital signage. With worldwide industry growth at nearly $16 billion, even SMBs are rethinking their approach to marketing. Here's why your company may want to look into the digital signage trend and latch onto some new and exciting opportunities to reach out to your customers.

Don't get left behind.

Digital signage isn't just for the rich and famous anymore, and everyone from the local deli to the high school athletic program can benefit from its impact. There's no need to worry that digital signage is too unwieldy for your venue—lightweight and thin, the hardware is simple to mount in almost any location for a variety of purposes.

Fine-Tuning Your Disaster Recovery Plan with Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

All disasters have one thing in common—they disrupt, destroy, and bring everyday activities to a grinding halt. For your business, this means that your physical assets may be inaccessible, including your buildings, computers, imaging equipment, and documents. In the worst cases, these assets may be destroyed. Here are three steps your company can make sure your disaster recovery plan is up to date and relevant for today's digital economy.

Laser or Multifunction Printer? What's the Difference?


Does your office need a multifunction printer or a single-function laser printer? Not sure of the differences? Let's take a look at the similarities and how each device can meet critical needs for your workgroups.

The Laser Printer

A laser printer performs hassle-free basic printing functions quickly and reliably. Options abound, and there's a laser printer with the speed and volume requirements to meet every need.

Improve Classroom Learning with a Sharp Aquos Board

People looking at a Sharp Aquos Board

No one knows better than a classroom teacher how quickly students can lose interest during a presentation. The traditional lecture method of presenting information works well for some students, but others have trouble focusing and have difficulty keeping their minds on the subject matter. If you've been relying on old-school tools like whiteboards and flipcharts, a Sharp Aquos Board can take your lectures in an exciting new direction. Here's an overview of the benefits a Sharp Aquos Board can bring to your classroom.

Big screen presentations

You know there are exciting online tools available to engage your students' attention in new ways, but a computer screen is just too small. The Sharp Aquos White Board combines the versatility of a computer touchscreen with the wow factor of an HD TV screen for presentations that are hard to ignore.


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