Managed IT Services Advantages for SMBs

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Did you know that nearly 65% of small-to-midsized businesses use some aspect of managed IT services? They're onto something that provides an impressive return on investment.

Managed IT Services Basics

In a managed IT services partnership, a qualified professional provider supervises the day-to-day management of some or all of your organization's IT infrastructure and capabilities. The service could include computer support and data backup and recovery as well as server, network and infrastructure solutions. They'll also provide repair and maintenance, troubleshooting, and employee helpdesk support.

Gain More Control with Managed Print Services

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Managed print services providers understand how business processes work, and their print-related workflow expertise can help your company lower costs and increase efficiency.

Managed Print Services Benefits

You won't be giving up control by outsourcing print management to a managed print services company. You'll have more control over your printer fleet, your workflows, and the associated costs than ever before.

Here's a look at how managed print services bring order and efficiency to print infrastructures.

Essential Mobile Print Services for Today's Employees

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Is it time to upgrade the tools your employees use to conduct everyday business processes? Access to a secure mobile printing solution is essential for workers on the go or those who routinely work from remote locations. Mobile print services can help you help employees accomplish more throughout the day. Let's take a look at the benefits.

Improved Productivity

If your employees don't have the right tools to complete everyday tasks, they're hindered in their abilities and company productivity may suffer. Mobile print services let your staff print securely no matter when or where they need access to hardcopy documents. BYOD employees can access your multifunction system or document management solution to quickly and safely route documents for to the nearest networked printer.

Ready to Make the Switch to Digital Signage?

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Digital signage has gone mainstream, and interactive displays are everywhere from hospitals and schools to restaurants and coffee shops. Digital signage delivers a big impact for a relatively small price tag, with benefits that reach well beyond improved productivity for your company. Read on to discover some of the most talked-about advantages.

Digital Signage Benefits for Your Business

No matter what type of business you're in, there's are plenty of good reasons to give digital signage a try. Here's why you'll want to consider including a few digital signs in your technology fleet.

Protect Your Business from Phishing Threats with Managed IT Services


When it comes to phishing attacks and deceptive emails, knowledge is power. With attacks on the rise and new, more sophisticated methods for fooling your employees into divulging confidential company information, training, vigilance, and advanced security solutions are critical.

First, a Definition

Phishing and BEC (business email compromise) attacks are methods cybercriminals use to deceive unsuspecting victims by posing as a trusted source asking to steal information. In most cases, phishing emails are sophisticated enough to look legitimate, and employees in a rush to comply with the request unwittingly give criminals precisely what they want.

How Managed Print Services Deliver Immediate Savings

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Managed Print Services is among the few offerings where businesses can see immediate savings. With printing costs often as high as 3% of annual company revenues, reducing print-related waste should be a top priority. Here's how Managed Print Services companies stop the waste and deliver immediate, measurable savings.

You may have too much equipment.

It's likely you've got some equipment that's not doing your bottom line any favors. Your Managed Print Services provider knows how to spot under-performing equipment that's costing too much to operate. By eliminating these devices, you'll immediately begin saving money and seeing productivity improvements.

Mobile Print Services Benefits Your Company Needs Now

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Mobile printing isn't as tricky as it used to be, but for businesses, it's still critical to make sure employees have a secure means for printing from their mobile devices. Here's a look at the benefits.

Mobile Print Services Benefits

You want your employees to have access to printing, and that includes when they're out of the office. You could leave things as they are and allow your employees to use whatever solution is at hand, but there are security risks to think about. Mobile print services provide companies with software that makes their print environment available for BYOD employees or visiting clients.

3 Ways to Get Ready for Your Digital Signage Decision

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Digital signage can help promote your brand, inform customers of the latest company news, and even give them a heads-up about incoming weather patterns. The flexibility and engaging qualities of digital signage are two reasons why it's gained unprecedented popularity in recent years.

What to Know Before You Begin

If you're new to digital signage, it's understandable that much about the technology will be new to you. But even before you start searching for the best digital signage solution for your requirements, it can help to have a good idea of your goals, preferences, and budget. Armed with this information, you and your technology provider can come up with a plan for making a decision.

Here are a few points to take into consideration.

Is Your Business Ready for a Cyber Attack?

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Is your business at risk of a cyber attack? Or more to the point, are you ready for a cyber attack when one comes knocking? Here's how Managed IT Services companies help make sure you're ready.

Identify Current Gaps

You won't know how to proceed without a realistic assessment of your current security status. Managed IT Services professionals can provide the expertise to identify vulnerabilities. Their assessment may include the following:

Try Managed Print Services for a Decision-Free Print Environment

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Deciding when to replace an aging copier or printer is more complicated than it seems. Is the device breaking down and interfering with your workflows? Does it cost you too much to repair? Is it difficult to find replacement parts? Does it have the robust security features required to address the latest threats? Is it part of a Managed Print Services agreement?

You would be in good hands if you answered in the affirmative to that last question. The decision whether to replace or continue repairing your multifunction system or network printer will be made by someone with the expertise to make the right choice. And that's not the only decision they can make for you.


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