Protect Your Business from Phishing Threats with Managed IT Services


When it comes to phishing attacks and deceptive emails, knowledge is power. With attacks on the rise and new, more sophisticated methods for fooling your employees into divulging confidential company information, training, vigilance, and advanced security solutions are critical.

First, a Definition

Phishing and BEC (business email compromise) attacks are methods cybercriminals use to deceive unsuspecting victims by posing as a trusted source asking to steal information. In most cases, phishing emails are sophisticated enough to look legitimate, and employees in a rush to comply with the request unwittingly give criminals precisely what they want.

Malware Attacks

Malware phishing attacks include malicious attachments. For example, an employee may not be suspicious when an apparently legitimate company source sends an invoice their way for approval. Unfortunately, when the employee attempts to open the attachment, they release a worm, virus, or ransomware attack that immediately begins infiltrating your network.

Spear Phishing Attacks

In a spear phishing attack, specific individuals are targeted when cybercriminals use personal information to deceive the recipient. The email usually includes information that only a trusted source would know, like names, phone numbers, or company job titles. By clicking on an attachment, the hacker can begin gathering other personal information.

Whale Phishing Attacks

Whale phishing is a targeted attack using the credentials of high-ranking company officials. Hackers trick lower-level company employees into believing that a request to transfer money is from a legitimate source. Once the transfer is complete, there's little chance of recovering the funds.

The Managed IT Services Solution

Managed IT Services providers have the expertise and technologies to protect your network from malicious attacks. And with your data backed up and secure, cybercriminals will no longer post a threat to your company.

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