Modern Workplaces Require Mobile Print

Think of a typical day at work. How many devices do you use? The reality is, you probably use at least one device — your smartphone — before you even walk into the office. We are a mobile society, always on the go, constantly checking our phones. And, it is not just the younger generations — employees and entrepreneurs or all ages are checking email first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Now, think about how as a company you can harness the power or mobile devices and help boost productivity. Today’s businesses need to keep pace with ever-changing technology, and mobile printing can help you remain competitive. Being able to point from a secure mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can increase productivity and keep your employee happy.

In many cases, workplace frustration and employee stress can be traced back to business systems and processes that don’t work well. Enabling employees to print from an off-site meeting or en route the airport can help them perform better and lower their stress. With so much work being done from our mobile devices, it only makes sense that we should be able to securely and efficiently print from those devices. And, it’s not just print. With a mobile print solution in place, employees can capture and share documents no matter where they are.

As with any new technology, mobile print does not come without concerns. Implementing mobile print technology in your business opens up a new set of worries about data security. Although the many benefits of mobile print outweigh the downsides of security concerns, safeguarding your data should never be compromised. A high-tech mobile print program will incorporate comprehensive security protocols to ensure the security of the information on your devices and your network.

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