Mobile Print Services Benefits Your Company Needs Now

mobile devices in use

Mobile printing isn't as tricky as it used to be, but for businesses, it's still critical to make sure employees have a secure means for printing from their mobile devices. Here's a look at the benefits.

Mobile Print Services Benefits

You want your employees to have access to printing, and that includes when they're out of the office. You could leave things as they are and allow your employees to use whatever solution is at hand, but there are security risks to think about. Mobile print services provide companies with software that makes their print environment available for BYOD employees or visiting clients.

  • With your mobile print solution sitting on the server, administrators have more control over which printers mobile device users can access and what they can print.
  • Security issues can be mitigated with the right mobile print services solutions. Instead of using a free public app, you'll know that print jobs sent to your network won't compromise security.
  • With no PC need to initiate print jobs, employees can be more productive. With the tools in place to send a print job from any location, employees don't need to wait until they arrive at the office to move on to the next task.
  • Some sectors depend on printed customer-facing materials. Real estate agents and sales teams may benefit from the ability to print proposals and contracts, and customers appreciate it when they can take printed information with them for further consideration.
  • Employees traveling to meetings, trade shows, and conferences may feel compelled to bring a variety of printed materials with them. Mobile print services solutions allow them to skip the extra baggage and print when they've arrived at their destination.

Mobile printing capabilities can bring new efficiencies, savings, and productivity to your company. To learn more about Mobile Print Services from The Office Technology Group, contact us today.