Managed Print Services—A Calmer Approach to Print Management

Managed Print Services

If you've ever missed (or mismanaged) a software update for your printers, then you know how one mistake can cause a ripple effect that takes over your entire day. In the worst cases, a badly timed or poorly implemented software update can have a negative impact on company-wide print-related workflows. Unfortunately, updating software for any device, from your multifunction system to your laptop, isn't always a seamless transition.

Which One Are You?

A popup or email letting you know that an update is available shouldn't be ignored, but downloading updates in the middle of a busy workday isn't always the best approach. The problem with waiting until later is that it's easy to move onto something else and completely forget to follow through. Which approach do you take when your printers need a software update?

  1. Download immediately! Those of us with a built-in ability to jump from a blue-sky day to a worst-case-scenario are the most likely to take this approach. We're also the ones with an uncanny talent for bringing an otherwise productive workday to a screeching halt following a poorly-timed software update.
  2. Meh. Some of us naturally choose the head-in-the-sand approach. We aren't too worried about software updates, ransomware threats, or even the occasional tornado warning. We tend to ignore repeated alerts until the inevitable happens and we've no choice but to face the music.
  3. Managed print services. Fortunately for both chicken-littles and the proverbial ostrich, there is a better way to manage your print infrastructure, software updates included. Managed print services experts take the hassle out of managing your entire print environment so you can take care of your business. Any questions?

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