Managed IT Services Advantages for SMBs

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Did you know that nearly 65% of small-to-midsized businesses use some aspect of managed IT services? They're onto something that provides an impressive return on investment.

Managed IT Services Basics

In a managed IT services partnership, a qualified professional provider supervises the day-to-day management of some or all of your organization's IT infrastructure and capabilities. The service could include computer support and data backup and recovery as well as server, network and infrastructure solutions. They'll also provide repair and maintenance, troubleshooting, and employee helpdesk support.

Managed IT Services Advantages

While your managed IT services selections may differ from someone else's, the benefits are consistent and compelling.

  1. Improved workflows — System and network failures can be devastating to SMBs. With each hour of downtime that goes by, opportunities to conduct business pass on by as well. With a managed IT services team on your side, your in-house IT personnel and the rest of your staff can focus on mission-critical efforts without the distraction of IT hassles and disruptions. And a streamlined network and internal systems mean smoother workflows and improved customer service in every department.
  2. Reduced IT spending — Your SMB can decide which components to keep in-house and which ones to host or colocate with your managed IT services partner. With fewer resources directed to IT infrastructure and essential services, you can funnel more capital toward growing your company.
  3. Access to the best — Unless IT is your company's field of expertise, gaining access to emerging technologies and specialized tech support can be a challenge. Managed IT services partnerships put the latest technology tools within your company's grasp.

Your business may be small, but you can still have access to next-level technologies. To find out more about Managed IT Services from The Office Technology Group, contact us today!