Lesser Known Benefits of MPS and How to Harness Them

printer in use

In the business world, there is constant chatter about cutting costs and increasing productivity. Companies are always looking for innovative solutions to age-old problems. Here, we talk a lot about the benefits of managed print services and how they can solve some of those ongoing issues.

You probably already know that the cost-savings are the most significant benefit of MPS, but let’s look at some of the lesser-known benefits of MPS and how can they help your business move ahead of the pack.

Improve Employee Productivity

Improving employee productivity boosts the overall effectiveness of your business. Most small-to-medium businesses lack the internal staff and resources to manage their print in-house. Unfortunately, when print issues arise, it can create office chaos with slowed workflows and a frustrated team. And, without managed print services in place, repairs and fixes take longer and are costly. So, keep your employees happy and in the flow by ensuring the devices they rely on are always up and running. Enabling them to focus on work, while our experts handle your print needs is a win-win.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Sustainability and the health of our planet are hot-topics issues for a reason – they are vital to our future, and every organization should feel a responsibility to do their part to reduce their impact on the earth. Managed print services](https://www.theotg.com/managed-print-services) can help you reduce waste by ensuring that you have the best devices for your print needs and making sure that your print jobs are being routed to the most appropriate printer or MFP. Options like duplex print, scanning, and economy mode also help limit paper and ink use. Plus, the new generation of print devices is energy-efficient, requiring less energy to get the job done.

Not only does managed print help you save money, reduce waste, and increase overall productivity, it can also aid in total cost and efficiency print jobs, service and maintenance, and more. Contact us for a free assessment and see if MPS is right for your company.