Is It Time for a Switch to Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services

Chances are good you didn't start a business to spend hours every week on IT responsibilities, and anything that takes you away from core business objectives can be a distraction. Rather than tying up your time trying to stay ahead of software updates and network issues, try letting managed IT services providers take over IT responsibilities instead. Here are three questions to ask to evaluate your situation.

1. Are you keeping up with compliance regulations?

No matter what industry you're in, you have a responsibility to protect the confidential information that flows through your business. From private health data to HR records and customer names and addresses, regulations govern how you handle protected information. Managed IT services can make sure your network is up to date and protected from malicious attacks.

2. Are you prepared for disaster?

Paper-based filing systems and on-site solutions aren't enough to protect your company against natural disasters or sophisticated attacks on your network. To be prepared for equipment failure or a security breach, a data backup and recovery solution is critical. As part of a managed IT services engagement, a customized strategy can help your company devise a comprehensive business continuity plan.

3. Is your aging IT infrastructure standing in the way of growth?

What's holding your company back? Is your outdated equipment or software a problem? While you're busy growing your business, your infrastructure can become out-of-date very quickly, keeping you from competing in a technology-based business economy. A managed IT services provider can evaluate your existing infrastructure and devise a plan for improvements going forward. Are you spending too much time away from your business because you're addressing IT issues? To learn more about managed IT services and products from The Office Technology Group, contact us for a free IT assessment today!