Increase Traffic and Sales with Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Has your retail company discovered the power of digital signage? Ready to go beyond paper posters and vinyl banners? Read on to find out the compelling advantages of digital signage.

Increase traffic

Do you need a new way to drive customers into the store? Digital signage is still the new kid on the block, and while customers may walk right past a full-color poster, a digital display will catch their interest. Screens have become a part of everyday life, and it's their ability to attract and hold our attention that makes them so popular. With digital signage, your retail locations will benefit from an on-trend tool proven to draw a crowd.

Talk up your products

Successful catalog companies know the power of words to convince customers of a product's value and unique qualities. Strategically placed digital signage gives you an opportunity to do the same. Today's consumer will respond to stories telling how your product is sourced, how well it's made, and how much enjoyment it will bring to their lives. And point-of-sale digital signage can increase last-minute purchasing decisions for accessories and other add-on items.

Bridge the social media gap

It's not easy to get customers to follow your company on social media, and getting them to "like" posts is an even bigger challenge. Digital signage lets you bridge the gap between your brick and mortar location and your social media presence. Live stream your Instagram or Twitter feeds to grab your audience's attention while they're at your physical location and surrounded by your product line. They'll make the connection, and maybe even start following your feed before they leave the store. Are you ready to transform your retail store locations with digital signage? Contact us at The OTG to learn more today!