Improve Company Productivity with Mobile Print Services

using laptop in coffee shop

Business leaders may have been reluctant to warm up to the BYOD trend, but mobile device usage is now a part of everyday work processes. By giving employees streamlined access to company document management systems, email, and texting, businesses can reap substantial advantages.

One hurdle that's created a frustrating roadblock for mobile users is a lack of secure printing solutions. Mobile users were sometimes forced to develop workarounds that put company information or even entire networks at risk, leading many of them to abandon printing on the go.

Things Have Changed

Fortunately, companies offering mobile print services have brought new flexibility and security to mobile device users. Here's a look at the benefits mobile print services can bring to your organization.

  • Access to printers — Remote workers and traveling employees require access to the home office's multifunction systems and network printers. With secure software that works through your server, mobile device users can access printing without putting your network at risk.
  • Improved client meetings — A print-out may be an essential part of a client meeting. Allowing clients to access your print infrastructure means more productive meetings and faster project completion.
  • Printing while traveling — Traveling employees and company executives are more productive with access to company information via their mobile devices. You can make their time away even more constructive by allowing them secure access to nearby printers while they're away from the home office. With the ability to locate printers and print documents while in the field, sales teams, real estate agents and others can close deals faster by giving their clients immediate access to critical documents.

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