How Managed Print Services Deliver Immediate Savings

person analyzing numbers and using calculator

Managed Print Services is among the few offerings where businesses can see immediate savings. With printing costs often as high as 3% of annual company revenues, reducing print-related waste should be a top priority. Here's how Managed Print Services companies stop the waste and deliver immediate, measurable savings.

You may have too much equipment.

It's likely you've got some equipment that's not doing your bottom line any favors. Your Managed Print Services provider knows how to spot under-performing equipment that's costing too much to operate. By eliminating these devices, you'll immediately begin saving money and seeing productivity improvements.

You're probably paying too much for toner.

Many offices address the issue of an empty toner supply closet by rushing to an office supply store for replacements. Others accept unsolicited offers only to get scammed by toner pirates. A Managed Print Services agreement that includes automatic toner shipments in response to on-device alerts can save your organization time, money, and endless hassles.

Your employees may be a little too color happy.

It's not their fault. With no real idea that their printing habits are excessive and where the lines are (we have lines?), employees can't be expected to change their printing behaviors. Managed Print Services providers can help you limit color and other print volumes, bringing output back to job-essential-printing only.

Your IT team has other things to do.

Do you get an uncomfortable feeling every time an IT team member has their head inside one of your multifunction systems or laser printers? You should, because you hired them to oversee your IT infrastructure, and you're losing money when they're troubleshooting copier error codes and paper jams. Managed Print Services providers monitor, maintain and repair your printing equipment so your IT talent can get back to their real jobs.

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