Gain More Control with Managed Print Services

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Managed print services providers understand how business processes work, and their print-related workflow expertise can help your company lower costs and increase efficiency.

Managed Print Services Benefits

You won't be giving up control by outsourcing print management to a managed print services company. You'll have more control over your printer fleet, your workflows, and the associated costs than ever before.

Here's a look at how managed print services bring order and efficiency to print infrastructures.

  1. Proactive maintenance — If you're stuck with a break-fix solution, remote equipment monitoring will solve a long list of problems. Managed print services technicians respond to alerts when something isn't right with your equipment. Issues can often be corrected without an on-site visit. And with continuous monitoring and preventative maintenance, your printers and multifunction systems will be ready whenever your team needs them.
  2. Fleet right-sizing — Redundant devices and equipment in inconvenient locations can have a negative impact on your workflows. Managed print services professionals analyze fleet efficiency, removing equipment you don't need and relocating others to serve staff requirements better.
  3. Lower print volumes — If you've been trying to track printing expenses, then you know how difficult the task can be. Managed print services monitor print volumes and usage, gathering data which is then used to streamline print-related activities, adopt paperless alternatives, and curb printing waste.
  4. One contact for everything — Your IT department may be your current default solution for printer fleet issues, but managed print services can remedy that problem for you. With access to tech and maintenance support, there's no need to divert your IT resources for print-related concerns.

Managed print services provide a streamlined solution and continuous oversight for print environments. Contact us at The Office Technology Group to learn more about the benefits today.