Energize Your Presentations with a Sharp Aquos Board

Sharp Aquos Board

How did your last team meeting go? Was everyone engaged and excited about your contribution? Not so much? Perhaps the problem isn't with your content.

More Exciting Meetings and Presentations

Boring team meetings and yawn-inspiring presentations aren't a workplace or classroom necessity. Maybe it's time to add an element of interest with an innovative Sharp Aquos Board. Here's what modern offices and classroom around the world are discovering with theirs:

  1. Easy sharing of information. Sharing information using a traditional whiteboard is out-dated and inefficient. Presenting content on a whiteboard takes too long, and everything must be erased at the end of the session. The best solution is to take notes or snap a screenshot of the board. With a Sharp Aquos Board, you get the collaborative benefits of a larger-than-life computer touchscreen and the impact of HD television in one streamlined device.
  2. Improved student engagement. Innovative technology isn't just for business; from the kindergarten to the college classroom, students and teachers alike can benefit from a Sharp Aquos Board. School districts can eliminate messy whiteboards and switch to cleaner, greener teaching methods that improve student engagement and content retention.
  3. A paperless solution. The Sharp Aquos Board isn't dependent on traditional tools like markers, erasers and paper documents. The virtual sharing of information helps businesses, schools, and other organizations reduce their dependency on paper. The benefits include lower costs, improved collaboration, and a greener environment.

Does your business or school district need a better way to share information? Virtual collaboration with a Sharp Aquos Board is less expensive and more environmentally sustainable than paper-based processes. To find out how to bring innovative Sharp Aquos Board technology to your boardroom or classroom, get in touch with us at The Office Technology Group today!