Digital Signage for Improved Communication and Safety

worker looking at screen

We often think of digital signage as an effective way to communicate with customers. And, while it certainly is, it is also an excellent tool for internal communication as well.

For example, large companies that need to communicate mass messages to lots of employee benefit from having one in their lobby, while manufacturing companies find success in having a digital sign in their factory or plant.

Digital signage is not only an excellent way of getting your message out to the public, but it can also provide useful and essential information to your staff. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that digital signage can improve communication and increase safety.

Getting the Word Out

For many companies, poor internal communication is an ongoing struggle. High-tech businesses often use intranets to disseminate important information, but those in the manufacturing sector must find other means of getting vital info to their employees.

LED signs in factories can help fill the gaps when it comes to spreading the news. Many employees don’t have constant access to email or text messages, and paper flyers are outdated and can’t be updated on the fly. Digital signage is a modern, effective way to keep your staff in the know.

Grabbing Attention

When your employees enter the breakroom, they are thinking about what to have to lunch or grabbing a cup of coffee; they are probably not scanning the bulletin board for the latest announcements. However, a large, bright digital sign with important messages is much more attention-grabbing. According to Digital Signage Today, digital displays have an 83 percent recall rate. Now, that is much better than a flyer or email! And, a strategically located LED display is often more affordable than multiple monitors in different locations.

Increasing Safety

How many days has your business gone without an accident or injury? Proudly let your team know in a colorful message. Factories and manufacturing facilities are loud and can be dangerous. Between the machinery and noise-protection headphones, overhead announcements are all but useless, but a bright, bold Sharp LCD commercial display can alert staff to any safety concerns quickly and easily. Whistles and alarms may alert people to danger, but high-quality digital signage can explain emergency details and any actions or precautions to take.

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