Can Your Business Afford Downtime?

downtime key

If your business is one of the few who've yet to experience network downtime, there's a way to calculate the cost without experiencing it first-hand. First, identify how many employees are currently on your payroll. The next step is to calculate the average hourly wage along with the cost of employee benefits. The first two numbers added together is your estimated hourly cost for downtime, not including expenses incurred for IT professionals to address the issue.

The Managed IT Services Solution

While the numbers above may be unsettling in their own right, you'll also need to consider your reputation and the possibility of lost sales. When customers can't access your website or get immediate help from your service department, they may lose confidence in your ability to follow through on your promises.

The high cost of downtime drives many businesses to see proactive help from Managed IT Services providers. That's a good call and one that can help your company avoid a host of devastating consequences.

  1. Proactive vs. reactive —A proactive approach to network continuity means someone's got your back 24-7-365. Remote monitoring gives Managed IT Services technicians a heads-up to address potential issues before they bring your operations to a standstill.
  2. Strong defenses —Even one missed update can give hackers an opening into your network. Managed IT Services experts won't allow a missed update to put your business in jeopardy.
  3. Disaster recovery — You could lose everything you've accomplished in a few devastating moments. A data backup and recovery solution from your Managed IT Services provider will help you access your data and collective knowledge—the assets that truly defines who you are as a company.

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