Automate Your Meter Reads with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Did you hire an administrative assistant or another office professional to gather meter reads from your printers and multifunction systems each month? The task likely wasn't in the job description, but someone is putting time and energy into this task, manually extracting data from your fleet whenever it's required. If you haven't wondered whether there's a better solution, the employee assigned to the task has no doubt given it some thought.

Automate with Managed Print Services

One of the most compelling benefits of Managed Print Services is automation, eliminating the need for continuous intervention from your employees. In the case of meter reads, the time-saving benefits are substantial. Here's a look at the advantages.

  • Save time —Manual data entry takes valuable hours away from more pressing tasks. Managed Print Services automates meter reads, eliminating the need for employees to enter data manually into a spreadsheet.
  • Improved accuracy —Just one keystroke error can throw off your data for the entire month, causing a ripple effect of inaccurate chargebacks to internal departments and clients alike. Automating the meter reading process means your numbers are always accurate.
  • Automated billing —Accurate, automated meter reads through Managed Print Services speeds up the billing and contract management process, improving cost recovery efforts across your organization.
  • Improved security —Automation eliminates the problem of employees coming into contact with user data and other confidential information.

More to Gain

Managed Print Services offers more than automated meter reads. Here's a peek at the benefits.

  • Lower costs through improved fleet management and reduced printing waste.
  • Automated supply replenishment.
  • More time for IT staff to concentrate on network issues.
  • Proactive device maintenance.
  • Fleet right-sizing and uniformity.
  • Improved workflows.
  • One contact and invoice for all print-related issues.

Managed Print Services is the modern company's go-to solution for reducing costs and improving productivity. Contact us at The Office Technology Group to learn more today!