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Why Managed IT & Printing Solutions Will Help Your Business Be More Efficient

With over 20 years of loyalty to our vast client base, our focus is on providing customized solutions that address our customers' unique business needs. From impressive digital imaging to state-of-the-art managed print services, The Office Technology Group offers a wide variety of products and services for your company. We provide the latest technologies and services with our impressive line of products, giving your company increased efficiency custom-designed to work with your budget. Established in 1991, The Office Technology Group originated as Toner Sales & Service, a remanufacturer of toner cartridges in the home of owners Dave and Natalie Weiss. Thanks to our satisfied client base and our desire for innovative technology, we grew from our home office to a 2,500 square foot facility in 1997 to our current facility of 13,000 square feet in 2005. The Office Technology Group is currently planning another expansion to accommodate the growth in all areas of our company from the Digital Imager division to Management IT Solutions. The Office Technology Group opened its Appleton branch in 2012 and partners with proven digital imaging and Managed Print providers across the country allowing us to service our expansive client base nationwide.

Focused on Success

We attribute the company’s success to its reputation for doing right by others. In fact, honesty and integrity are not just encouraged at The Office Technology Group, they are required. This is driven down from the top by Dave Weiss himself whom is often quoted as saying, “I’ll accept any deal, so long as it was earned honestly and ethically.” Apart from this methodology, quality products, speedy service, as well as the distinctive services provided to our customers go a long way in securing a place at the top.

We're Dedicated to Your Success

Our mission is to help organizations with their technology needs so they can focus on their business.   We measure our success by making technology easy while exceeding expectations.